4 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds Best as ESAs

Do you ever feel dissociated from the world due to certain medical conditions? It is the right time to reconsider your life choices and keep an emotional support animal. Cats are one of the most reliable ESAs. Cats sometimes take care of their owners in a formidable manner. People have different medical conditions and for that, they cannot live with cats with fur. It is then recommended to have cats with no fur.

People like to have emotional support animals with them. But their allergies and specific medical conditions restrict them from having exotic cat breeds. It is recommended to keep special cat breeds that have less fur or no fur at all. Such cats are found to possess less aggressive and calmer behaviors. Sphynx cats, Devon Rex, Oriental shorthair, and Bengal cats are prime examples of such cats. Following are a few reasons why you should have these species as emotional support animals.

  • Sphynx Cat is the best cat breed when it comes to being hypoallergenic in any way. The cat has distinctive behavioral qualities that make it an outstanding emotional support animal. There is an esa letter required to keep a Sphynx Cat as an ESA. Sphynx cats are bald cats which makes them highly suitable for most patients. People with allergic medical conditions can always resort to Sphynx cats.

  • Devon Rex is another remarkable cat breed that is best as an emotional support animal. This cat has certain personality traits that enable it to learn difficult tricks. Devon rex is also another hypoallergenic cats species. It means that these cats do not pass on infections and allergies to their owners. The specialty of this cat is that it acts as a partner rather than a pet. As a partner, one can understand each other's pain. This is one specific trait of the cat that makes it a family animal. Also, Devon Rex is an intelligent cat; it can decipher the complexity of the situation better than any animal you can opt for.

  • Oriental shorthair is another cat that is hypoallergenic. This cat has a playful and cheery behavior. It can keep the owner engaged in physical activities. An Oriental shorthair knows how to lighten up the mood of its owner. This cat itself seeks human interaction. You would definitely want to favor the animal that takes initiative. 

  • Bengal cats are unique because of their physical traits. This cat doesn't have a thick coat of fur. Bengal cats are energetic and playful. These cats know how to keep their owner engaged and are perfect for people with physical disabilities or mental disorders.


  • Keeping a cat as an emotional support animal can be sometimes better than keeping a dog. A cat is an emotionally sensitive animal and can easily perceive or soothe the hypersensitivity of the owner. So you do not have to get an emotional support dog letter because cats are better choices than ESAs. Cats exhibit sophisticated behavior and easily adapt to the home environment.

For emotional support, cats that are hypoallergenic have proven to be the best. Acquisition of such cats does not require a complicated legal procedure. It is a known fact that every person requires some kind of emotional support and there must be no shame in it. Therefore, keeping any of those four species will be the best choice for you.



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